Recording Mixing & Mastering For today's industry standards
Voiceover recording Suitable for dvd, advertising, film, tv or any other medias
Broadcast Sound Quality High end sound quality for all medias
Recording Studio

Studio Loco has recorded hundreds of artists of all styles since it opened its doors in 1997.

Voiceover & Narration

We specialize in high end music & vocal recording suitable for all media.

Analogue Mastering

We offer analog tube mastering mixed with digital processing.

who we are

Studio Loco is a recording studio located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We record bands and solo artists as well as voiceovers. We record, mix and master all recordings to today's broadcast quality standards ready for radio, CD/DVD, film, TV and other media.

We offer a friendly, one-on-one service in a comfortable working environment. Our engineers take the time to make sure the recording is at its best by offering their expertise and suggestions.

Studio Loco records renowned artists, and gladly welcomes up and coming independent artists that have little or no studio experience.

studio loco artists

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